Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) System Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) Contract

Provides various Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) and Non-Advisory and Assistance Services (Non-A&AS) in support of various missions, and support services. On this contract, SA Tech provides support and services for HQ AFSOC and AFSOCā€™s disparate units. We have nine separate Task Orders under SETA V and they are spread out over seven locations, five states and one overseas location. The scope of these tasks runs from flying aircraft to providing Information Technology (IT) and Registrar functions. Some of these Tasks are described below.

The Commando Ready and Resilient Center (CRRC)

SA Tech provides community Support for The Commando Ready and Resilient Center (CRRC) task is a Preservation of the Force and Family (POTFF) effort that provides community support through both the Resilient Center and the Health and Welfare Center (HAWC). We provide administrative support, scheduling, support, and assist with various Resilient and Welfare initiatives for the 1 Special Operations Wing (SOW) and the 1st Special Operations Aerospace Medicine Squadron (1 SOAMDS).

The Chapel Administrative Support

The SA Tech team is pleased to assist the 1st Special Operations Wing with Chapel Administrative Assistance. It is a unique opportunity to support the needs of the AFSOC community by extending into the spiritual, as well as the physical domains.

CV-22 Functional Check Flight FCF/ Operational Check Flight (OCF) Support

SA Tech provides experienced CV-22 Pilots and Flight Engineers to conduct ground runs and flights in support of Functional Check Flights (FCF) and Operational Check Flights (OCF) for the 8 SOS (Hurlburt Field FL), the 20 SOS (Cannon AFB NM), and the 7 SOS (Mildenhall RAF UK).

720 STG Combat Mission Support

SA Tech maintains Aircrew Flight Equipment (flights vests, parachutes, Night Vision Goggles, etc.), boats, and vehicles for the 720th special tactics group and their squadrons. This support includes maintaining parachutes, Night Vision Goggles, radios, flight vests, ATVs, Boston Whalers, Zodiacs, motorcycles, etc. SA Tech also provides range scheduling as needed.

USAF Special Operations School (USAFSOS)

The SA Tech USAFSOS Team provides courseware and graphics development for all the USAFSOS courses. They provide course directors and instructors who set up the classes, schedule guest speakers, develop and distribute class materials, etc. We also provide Information Technology (IT) support, video-teleconferencing support (for remote classes), and registrar support for the school.

Training Systems Engineering and Technical Support (TSE-TS)

SA Tech provides engineering and program management support for AFSOC and Combat Rescue aircrew training. Our personnel provide engineering, analysis, and testing support on all training systems/devices (to include full-flight simulators). We support the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Program Management Office at Wright-Patterson AFB OH and AFSOC/A3T. Our Team develops the Requirements Definition, develops technical specifications and architectures, develops acquisition documentation, performs Technical Evaluations, reviews the vendor designs, performs all testing, etc. for all AFSOC aircrew training. Additionally, our team performs engineering studies and courseware studies.

AFSOC A6 Instruction Support

SA Tech provides the HQ AFSOC A6 Communications Directorate with communications training support. Our Team develops courseware (using Air Force Instructional Systems Design (ISD)) and then uses this courseware to teach AFSOC personnel on tactical communications equipment (including radios) and Enhanced Situational Awareness (ESA) aircraft systems.